How I started
Unlike many people working with sound, I was not raised in a music family or played any instruments until 20. But since my mother is a choreographer and I am also a dancer in my spare time, music was still around. At 18 y.o, I moved to the Czech Republic from Russia alone and kinda closed up for people and was listening to the environment around me a lot. And lastly, I tried to make electronic music and after I was introduced to sound design, I figured out that I'm a lot more interested in sound itself rather than music.
My expirience and skills
Luckily, I was studying CTU in Prague and could focus on audio (at least on its technical side). After finishing it, I moved to Brno to get a master's degree in Audio Engineering. There were a lot of opportunities to explore every audio area. So I was a boom operator for Czech TV and Films, a sound engineer for live concerts, an assistant in professional music studio Na Orli and a sound designer for commercials. But what I really dug into was non-linear sound for games. This wide range of profiles helped me to develop my skills, gave me a complex vision and understanding of sound. You can download my full CV down below.
My motivation and current goals in game audio
Now I'm aware of the fact that non-linear sound is the way I want to go for. And since I was a freelancer for a long period of time working independently is a usual mode for me. Now I realize that I need a team of people with whom I can share. So my intention is to break through game industry to a game studio.
Let's work together
Denis Liudkevich
+420 774 365 424