Denis Liudkevich

Sound Designer
Sound Design. FMOD + Unity
Holy Shift
Contributed to Sound Design
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Linear Cinematic Sound Redesign
Jan Zizka
Contributed to Sound Design
Blue Crystal Studio
Shards Of Gravity
Contributed to Sound Deisgn
Denis Liudkevich
Demo Reel 2022
Linear Sound Redesign
I am Denis, Sound Designer from Prague.
I got an academic foundation for my career in CTU in Prague (Bc.) and then BUT in Brno (Master's degree in Audio Engineering).
For a few years, I successfully freelanced in the field of linear sound (films and commercials).
My lifelong love for games and interactive systems led me to shift my career to the course of game audio. The last few years gave me experience working in a bigger company and small teams of devs. I found myself comfortable with both.
In my spare time, I am playing DnD and walk with my English Cocker Spaniel named Loran.
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Denis Liudkevich
+420 774 365 424